Monday, 05 November 2012

Silhouette Cuts

My Silhouette is finally functional again and although I am enjoying it, it cannot make a decent cut on board heavier than 180g.  I can just, just get away with the 200g but still have to give it a boost by using the scissors here and there.

My problem is of course various shaped cards on a cardstock heavy enough to make a decent greeting card.

Here I cut the baby bottle shape on a 180g board and then traced it onto a 300g board.  Not as neat and tidy as the silhouette cut but decent enough.


  1. nice one... Wisaal is going to a baby shower on Saturday... this will make the perfect card... can you let me know where you downloaded the file please...


  2. Sorry for this really tardy reply. I've been researching the silhouette, and in my travels around the various blogs I saw that you are supposed to be able to cut anything with the Cameo just by changing your blade settings. There is also an option to cut twice if you are cutting thicker stuff. Have you used a higher blade setting and cut it more than once? I've just bought my Cameo and haven't tried cutting the really thick stuff yet.